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Dewey’s Pizza

So you all have probably figured out by now that I’m not the healthiest eater on the planet. I keep in pretty good shape, and I’m definitely not overweight, but my eating habits are pretty bad. I’ve known for quite some time that I need to change the way I eat.  It’s just hard when there are so many good food eateries in the St. Louis area! But I’m going to try.

Don’t worry, this blog is still going to continue…just expect to see less artery-clogging stuff, and more healthy eats! Of course, I’ll still splurge from time to time…*wink*

Anyway, my boyfriend and I went to Dewey’s Pizza. While this place isn’t unique to St. Louis, it’s one of my FAVORITE pizza places.

I normally go with pizza, but since I’m on my ‘eat healthy’ kick, I went with the seasonal salad, The Harvest. According to the menu, it had “A mix of Field Greens and Romaine Lettuce, with Figs, toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Boursin Cheese and Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, tossed with our Apple Cider Honey Vinaigrette”. I had chicken added to it for a couple bucks more, just to make it a little more substantial.

One word: MMM. The apple cider honey vinaigrette? I wish I could BATHE in it! It was sweet, with just a hint of tartness, and it went perfectly with the salad. The greens were super fresh, and there was enough bacon to make me feel better about eating a salad. Oh, and the toasted pumpkin seeds! I found myself digging through the salad toward the end to make sure every last crunchy seed went into my belly. YUM!

The salad came with figs, but since I’m not a huge fan, I asked for them on the side. I nibbled on one, and they weren’t bad! They were chewy, sweet, and dense — like a savory raisin.

The service at Dewey’s is always top notch, and this visit was no exception. Our glasses were always filled, and the staff bent over backwards to ensure that our visit was pleasant.

The scores?

Food: 5 stars (out of five)

Ambiance: 4 stars

Service: 5 stars

Value: 3 stars

So if you’re on a diet, like me, don’t be wary of trying salads at pizza places…especially if that pizza place is Deweys! Their pizzas are amazing, but their salads don’t disappoint, either. Mmm.

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