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3 Monkeys!

So what happens when a foodie (yours truly) plans a dinner date with her dad (also a foodie!) and her sister (who happens to be EXTREMELY picky!)?

You end up at 3 Monkeys near Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, MO. I’ve been wanting to try the place for quite some time, and it seemed interesting enough to satisfy me and my dad, while having ‘normal’ things on the menu to please my sister.

I was hoping for some mind-blowing food, and instead I left with a feeling of ‘meh’. Let me explain.

It was a nice night, so we sat outside. Fine, right? Other people were sitting outside too, so it wasn’t like we were the only souls out there. Well, our waitress seemed to forget that we were out there, because she dropped the menus off, and DIDN’T COME BACK. After about 15 minutes, I had to run inside (I was a little miffed) and remind her that she had (hungry) customers outside who felt a little neglected.

Water was finally brought out, and we started with some apps. Lobster rangoon and calamari.

lobster rangoon

fried calamari

I love crab rangoon, and lobster rangoon sounded CRAZY delicious! I was expecting to have my mind blown. Honestly? This wasn’t fantastic like I was hoping. It was just OKAY. It tasted like the lobster rangoon at Crazy Bowls & Wraps (a fast food chain in St. Louis).

The calamari was decent. A little tough, but I wasn’t expecting much from a non-Italian place.

For the entree, I went with the turkey burger and fries.

Now this was pretty good. The fries were nothing to write home about, but the burger was DELICIOUS! It was seasoned very well, and is actually one of the best turkey burgers I’ve had in St. Louis.

My sister and dad both ordered the ribs and fries, which they both seemed to enjoy.

So even though the food was average, I was left feeling a little disappointed about 3 Monkeys. It reminds me of an Applebee’s. Not bad, but not GREAT. Just…meh.

Scores, anyone?

Food: 3 stars (out of five)

Ambiance: 3 stars (we sat outside…I’m not sure what the ambiance was like inside)

Service: 1 star

Value: 4 stars

I love the Tower Grove neighborhood, so I’ll definitely be back. 3 Monkeys is really known for their pizza, so I think I’ll try that next time.  Hopefully that’s better than what I had tonight. And hopefully the service is a little better, too!

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  1. I almost went to 3 Monkeys the other night with Evan. It was between that place and the Tin Can, but we were looking more for a drink, so we opted for the latter. And it pretty much sucked. The place was totally crowded for a Wednesday and our waiter was so slammed that he kinda forgot about us too. He had the whole upstairs loft area and the patio to himself (about 12 tables, which is nuts!). We ordered beers on draught because they were on special, but they took about 15 minutes to get to us…and they were flat! Or watered down, or something. Whatever it was, they were awful. When he brought the drinks, I told him I wanted to order food and he said, “Okay it will be a few minutes” and then didn’t come back for about 20 minutes. Both of us had finished the nasty beers. I told him nevermind and we left. Suckkksss.

    But much like you, we loved the atmosphere, so we’re willing to try it again….maybe it was just a bad night. And we’ll get canned beer that won’t be flat or watered down next time. =]

    Comment by Christine | July 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have gotten 3 Monkeys takeout a few times and like you I was underwhelmed by the lobster rangoon. Bland — I’ve liked hole-in-the-wall Chinese places crab rangoon much better.

    Other sides/appetizers I’ve gotten have been average to above average bar food.

    The first time I went there got two different pizzas. I can’t remember what one of them was but the other … Red, White and Blue: pepperoni, tomatoes, blue cheese. SO good. I love that thing. One of my favorite pizzas in town. I recommend!

    Comment by Hilary | August 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Cool…I’ll have to try that pizza! Thanks for the comments, and thanks for visiting the site!

      Comment by Off The Eaten Path | August 4, 2010 | Reply

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