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It’s been a long time…

…I shouldn’t have left you!

Sorry to all three of you everyone who reads this blog and has been wondering where the HECK I’ve been. I’m still here! *waves* I’m just on a semi-healthy eating kick, and eating out 4 times a week just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Anywoo, I’m jumping right back in with a fresh post! This time I went to Dressel’s with some friends. It’s a Welsh pub located in the Central West End (in St. Louis, MO…of course!)

I was hoping for some yummy Welsh eats, but I was a little let down. Ooops! There I go, spoiling the outcome again. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves this time!

Since I wasn’t terribly hungry, I started out with some Welsh nachos: it included house-made Bavarian chips, Welsh rarebit (cheese and ale dipping sauce), tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, and sour cream.


I ordered it without lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream...obviously!

Looks pretty good, right? Well…it was just okay. The whole thing came out lukewarm, which was the first strike. The chips were soggy. Strike two! The third and final strike? The bacon! The bacon was sad and pathetic. Sad, pathetic bacon??! I know…I’ve never heard of such a thing, either. But I suppose there’s a first time for everything, right?

I skipped ordering an entree (unless the delicious, unpictured Hard Cider I guzzled counts!) and went straight for dessert. I noticed that they served bread pudding, so the choice was easy.

The dessert came out ridiculously fast. Too bad it was a huge failure!


It was a lot denser than most bread puddings I’ve tried. The flavor profile was nice: I could taste hints of cinnamon and rum – YUMMY! But like the chips, this came out lukewarm (almost cold!) which ruined the dish.

I think my friends had better luck. One ordered the ‘bangers and cake’:


It was two house-made sausages served atop a bacon-scallion potato pancake with cherry ginger chutney. Now THIS was delicious! The sausage was juicy and so flavorful, the potato pancake was creamy and rich, and the cherry chutney was sweet and balanced out the entire thing! I wanted to gobble it all down, but I was polite and just had a bite. MMM!

Our server was cold and distant, which was a bummer. The place was empty (especially for a Friday night!) so I don’t know why he was so absent. Bad night? Don’t take it out on us!

Ah well…time for scores!

Food: 2 stars (out of five)

Ambiance: 3 stars

Service: 2 stars

Value: 3 stars

I feel like I should give this place another try. I wasn’t impressed by what I ordered, but the bangers and cake were delicious, so I must see if the other entrees are just as good!

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